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Fisher breathing life into 'Noles
St. Petersburg Times - ... five new coaches, most notably, Fisher, whose offenses at LSU had put up strong stats (417 ... passers in LSU history (Russell and Davey) and the only one in the history of Auburn football (Dameyune Craig). ... Played QB for Terry Bowden at Salem College ...

High hopes for a Heisman
Idaho Statesman - ... will be among the preseason Heisman favorites — what has to be an unprecedented double for the WAC, or a league of its caliber," ESPN.com college football reporter Pat Forde said. "Brennan has the ‘Star Wars' numbers and Johnson has great stats ...

College football notes
Austin American-Statesman - COLLEGE FOOTBALL College football notes Oklahoma's Patrick will miss scrimmage. ASSOCIATED PRESS Saturday, August 18, 2007 NORMAN, Okla ... Holbrook looking for bigger stats LAS CRUCES, N.M. — Chase Holbrook was a wishbone quarterback in high ...

Don't let the stats fool you or you'll look like a fool
Daily News - ... session similar to the ones college students do when studying for a final exam, just remember that stats aren't everything. Paul Thompson is the sports editor for The Daily News (Jacksonville, N.C.) and is now in his 17th year of fantasy football ...

Market Mover
American Reporter - LOS ANGELES -- The 2004 college football season starts this month, and all indications are that Pete Carroll and his University of ... The Michigan teams of the 1970s mirrored Woody's - often unbeaten with gaudy stats until a pick-your-choice Pac 8 team ...

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1. The Sports Network - IA College Football
Las Vegas College Football IA Line. Expanded Matchups · More Odds >>. SATURDAY, JANUARY 28 (01/28/2006) - CURRENT LINE AS OF 3:00 PM

2. NCAA College Football Betting and NCAA Odds at Bodog Sportsbook
Bet on NCAA football at Bodog Sportsbook, with online sports betting on college football odds, NCAA football betting line, college football point spreads.

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