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When football betting, should I bet on the underdog?

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When football betting, should I bet on the underdog?

Answered By Hadyn Falk, Editor

Underdog is a team that is expected to lose. In a game of football a certain team can be called as an underdog depending upon its statistics and team performance inside the arena. Based also on the data and records of the both team you can predict who will win or lose.

In betting on the underdog the opportunity to win is diminutive. But in some sports if the underdog team wins you will get a bigger price this is the advantages of having a bet on the underdog.

Try to check out the weaknesses and strength of each team. If the underdog’s team strengths outnumber the weaknesses of the other then it will be good to bet on the underdog.

--- permission must be obtained from editor Hadyn Falk to re-publish ---


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